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Best New and Used Compound Bows

Hello and welcome to Precision Compound Bows. If you're looking for information on compound bows or in need of a new or used compound bow for hunting or archery from Hoyt, Bowtech, Fred Bear, PSE, Mathews, or Martin, just to name a few, you've come to the right place.

First patented in 1967 by Holless Wilbur Allen, the compound bow is an extremely new innovation when you consider that archery is believed to have been in existence for over 25,000 years.

If you're new to bows and are in the market for a new or used compound bow, you need to be aware that they work differently than standard bows. This is due to the pulley and cable system used and the necessity of that system. It is necessary because of the extra stiff limbs of the bow, which are more energy efficient but could not be pulled effectively by a directly attached string.

One of the key benefits to compound bows is what is known as a “let off”. The lets off indicates that as you pull the string and the cables tighten the bow, you do not need to keep applying significant force to keep the bow bent back.

This let-off lets the archer accurately shoot a bow with a much higher peak draw weight than they could manage with a longbow or recurve. Therefore you can take a longer time focusing on the aim and accuracy of the shot. Additionally, it does not take a large or strong person to use the bow effectively.

Another benefit to new or used compound bows is the draw-stop, which is a set of small rubber blocks that provide a consistent place for the archer to draw back until. This allows for greater accuracy and consistent repetition. Accuracy is also increased through the use of additional stabilizers and in competition, the use of magnifiers.

The design of the bow can also be altered depending on your experience or expertise. For example, some compound bows have one cam at the bottom with a wheel at the top, as opposed to two cams.

The four most common cam styles are the single cam, dual cam, hybrid cam and binary cam. There are also differences between “soft” cams and “hard” cams, the hard cams accelerating the arrow more quickly but being harder to control.

What is termed a "soft cam" will accelerate the arrow more gently than a "harder" cam. Beginners will most likely be better of with a used compound bow that has been "broken in" and that also has a soft cam. More advanced archers may choose to use a harder cam to gain speed. Some pulley systems use a single cam at the bottom of the bow and a balanced wheel at the top of the bow instead of two identical cams.

This design eliminates the need for buss cables and instead uses a single string that begins at the cam on the bottom of the bow, travels over the wheel on top, around the bottom cam again, and ends attaching to the top limb.

Single cam bows are generally faster than other compounds but single cam bows are less adjustable than twin cam bows, so to change the draw length of a single cam bow, the cam and string usually have to be replaced.

There are so many styles and variations today that you need to do your research before purchasing your bow. You can take a look at our beginner bow buying tips and when you are  ready to purchase your next new or used compound bow, make sure to get it through Precision Compound Bows.

We've listed the bows by manufacturer to make it easier for you to find what you need. You can also use our search feature to zero in on your target.

We're always updating the deals we find throughout the day so make sure to bookmark this site to be kept up to date on stock of all new and used compound bows as well as questions, videos and other beneficial information.

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